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Christine Rigden - Painting

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About Christine

I was in the Art room at my US high school whenever I could be, and got up early on Saturdays for art lessons in my teen years.  In 1974 I came to the UK to do a Foundation Course in Art & Design, as well as for the experience of living in Britain, and here I stayed. No more painting though, until retirement.

We first hired a narrowboat on the Llangollen Canal in 1997 and have been boating ever since, captivated by that sense of moving in a different dimension.  We hired briefly, then shared for many years before buying our own boat ‘Grace’ in 2009. I love the way it feels like being in a different world, and we spend several months aboard throughout the year.

I have long explored inner landscapes through poetry and have published books, but took up painting in 2011, first watercolour and later oils, as an attempt to better express my response to the English countryside from the perspective of a boater. I want to capture what triggers the ‘oh!’ in me, and give the viewer a sense of what it is like to be there, drifting along at walking pace.  I work from photographs which I take as we travel.



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